Making self build possible

Steenvlinder makes self build possible for individuals. We are a community and social developer that contributes to proud residents and vibrant communities. We develop for people that decide how they want to live, themselves. And own it.

We believe that proud owners are the key to a better world, making sustainable choices and building better designed homes to last. And as important, to the individual, building your own home is in many ways better value.

What we do

We purchase land for self build and custom build plots. We offer plots in various sizes. We also transform older signature buildings, like former schools, offices or storage buildings, to shell apartments as fixer uppers. Our projects always contain a mix of affordable homes for a large variety of people. Unique homes that define the way people really want to live. It's about who they are and what they can accomplish.

To make this possible, we work together with City Councils, stakeholders and real-estate owners. We set up a realistic plan, propose a competitive offer and emphasize the benefits of self-build.  For example, that self build helps to keep the speed in creating homes and cope with scarcity in the housing market. On all levels.

What we see

We see proud owners that become involved residents and contribute to the liveability of communities.

This can regenerate neighbourhoods and cities as a whole.


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Develop at our risk

Develop at our risk

Steenvlinder develops at its own risk. We buy, we develop. We make sure the plots are ready for the self builders and shell homes are delivered on time. Conform agreement.
Community building

Community building

Steenvlinder aims to create an attractive, green, urban residential environment where people feel connected and come together. We engage from start until realisation.


Steenvlinder's projects are sustainable and socially-oriented in several ways. We always search for green solutions. For example, all our projects are realized without gas.

Be proud and own it

Be proud and own it

As a self builder, you get to decide how your home will look like. From the outside and from the inside. If you ask people, generally, if they're satisfied with the floor planning provided in their home, not many people will say that they're 100% happy about it. We all live differently, and how wonderful would it be to decide for ourselves how we live and how that would look like?

So make yourself proud.
Build that home of your dreams.
And own it!

Simple rules

We simplify the process for self builders with a Plot Passport. The plots are parcelled out, the buyers are given a few guidelines about things such as height and perhaps materials. Furthermore, it's up to you.


In all the things we do, we believe in giving people maximum freedom to decide themselves how to design their own home. It will define who they are. And we want to make self build accessible to everyone.


Steenvlinder connects and involves all relevant parties, such as City Councils, architects and sustainability-experts. We also involve the wider community in co-creating elements of our plans.

Experience with self-build

Our self build and shell home projects always contain a mix of affordable homes for a large variety of people. We see unique homes being built that define the way people really want to live. And who they are. We find this incredibly inspiring to keep developing for. Self build creates better homes, happier people and healthier communities.

Steenvlinder was founded in 2015 by former Elderman of The Hague, Marnix Norder and former self-build manager at the Municipality of The Hague, Hans Sparreboom.